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(K)no(w) Plastic:


life in Plastic is not fantastic

  • By 2050, it is estimated that there will be more plastic in the ocean, ton for ton, than fish even though plastics have only been mass produced for the last six decades

  • Plastic Percentages:

    • 9% of plastic has been recycled

    • 12% has been incinerated

    • 79% is ACCUMULATING in landfills or is littering our environment

  • plastic takes more than 400 years to biodegrade

  • half of all plastic produced is destined for a single-use product and becomes trash in less than a year

  • eight Million tons of plastic end up in the ocean every year, equivalent to a garbage truck full of plastic every minute

  • Over 1,000,000 marine animals are killed each year due to plastic debris in the ocean

  • globally, less than 20% of all plastic is recycled

  • almost half of all of the plastic ever produced has been since 2000

the Cat’s out of the bag

  • 100 billion plastic bags are used by americans aNnually, which takes 12 million barrels of oil to manufacture

    • The Average American family uses 1500 annually

    • Each bag is used for approximately 12 minutes

  • it is estimated that 100,000 marine animals are killed annually from plastic bags alone

    • it is hard to obtain an accurate number as animals can sink to the bottom of the ocean when they die

    • imagine: one marine animal mistakes a plastic bag for a jellyfish, eats it, dies, sinks to the bottom of the ocean, decomposes, and then this vicious cycle continues over and over because it takes 400+ years for the plastic bag to decompose

  • Plastic bags are not recycled into more plastic bags. they are downcycled into plastic lumber and even playground equipment

  • american shoppers use almost one plastic bag a day whereas shoppers in denmark use about four a year

how big is your packaging

  • 40% of plastic production is packaging that is used once and then thrown away

Water we doing

  • Every five minutes in the us, 2,000,000 plastic beverage bottles are used

  • globally, about a million plastic beverage bottles are sold every minute

It’s getting hot in here

  • The EPA estimates that 90% of the greenhouse benefits of recycling come from Paper, cardboard, and metals

    • Recycling one ton of metal or paper saves about three tons of carbon dioxide

    • recycling one ton of plastic saves only slightly more than one ton of carbon dioxide

    • It takes recycling three tons of glass to save about one ton of carbon dioxide

  • In the united states, if we exclude paper and metals from recycling, our recycling savings is only two-tenths of 1% of our carbon footprint


our mission:

We pride ourselves in providing high-quality, zero waste products to the eco-CONSCIOUS IN eco-friendly, plastic-free packaging. we aim to make producing trash and the use of plastic Nothing more than water under the bridge.