Nice package

Our PACKAGES are either shipped in repurposed boxes or 100% recycled boxes. our repurposed boxes come from the companies we support, our friends, our family, and our neighbors. It is our belief that giving these boxes a second life is a far better solution than creating brand new ones from virgin material which takes energy to produce. most of our products are shipped package-free or with minimal paper packaging. we are aware there are places in the united states where even paper is destined for the landfill when we think it is being recycled. if your order requires more packaging to safeguard your products, it will always be repurposed paper and never plastic. this includes, and is not limited to, junk mail*, old paperwork, or even old schoolwork from many, many moons ago. our tape is even paper. that way, if your municipality doesn’t recycle paper, our boxes, packaging, and tape can all be composted in your backyard.

*A note on junk mail: We make it a point to call any company that sends us paper in the mail, explain to them that we are a zero waste company, that our founder is personally zero waste, and ask that they take us off of their direct mailing list. We’ve actually found that it works sometimes and highly recommend adopting this approach in your personal life.