Holder with 24 Pre-rolled Unpaper Towels Set

Holder with 24 Pre-rolled Unpaper Towels Set


This set contains:

  • 24 UNpaper towels in surprise prints

  • Wood holder for UNpaper towels: includes base and dowel

UNpaper towel details:

  • Size: 12’x10”

  • Single ply 100% cotton flannel

  • Edges are surged to prevent fraying

  • Absorbency increases after first few washes and will shrink just enough to still perfectly fit the holder

  • Naturally cling together making it a breeze to roll them up on the dowel without needing snaps

Wood holder details:

  • 6” diameter Birchwood base

  • 1” diameter removable hard wood dowel with 100% felted wool counter protector adhered to the bottom

  • Holder is finished with a natural tung oil

Care Instructions for UNpaper Towels: Machine wash warm with like colors and dry in the dryer. They are not pre-washed so expect some shrinkage.

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