Waste (K)NOT

We want your old shirts! American households use an average of 1500 single-use plastic bags every year before being thrown away after AN AVERAGE OF 12 MINUTES from the time the customer leaves the store. Join our Waste (K)NOT campaign to create 1500 reusable bags with upcycled shirts, a pair of scissors and a few knots. Send us your adult size small through extra large t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, and/or razor back tank tops in decent condition or drop them off at the official local drop zone, Alphagraphics (See below for more details). That free t-shirt you got from a race or your old company? We want it. That shirt that shrank? We want it. Donate five or more shirts receive 15% off your next order through the end of October 2019. If mailing, send them in a cardboard box (please no plastic bags) and leave a note inside with your email address or shoot us an email at hello@darwinsgeneralstore.com and we will send you the promo code. We, and the planet, thank you for your help in stopping the use of plastic bags!

Please send shirts to:

Darwin's General Store

P.O. Box 12063

Wilmington, NC 28405


AlphaGraphics drop zone

In the Wilmington, NC area? We’ve partnered with Alphagraphics, located at 3534 S College Road, Unit I, Wilmington, NC 28412 as our official drop zone for your t-shirts, tanks and long sleeves. While you’re there, ask them about their eco-friendly branding!